Instantly respond to employment verification requests and provide employees with secure access to wage and employment data – at no cost to employers.

HR departments at mid- to large-size corporations often deal with thousands of requests for verification of employment. The need to respond quickly and accurately often takes away from other core functions.

Responding to thousands of requests for employment verification can put a huge burden on corporate HR departments. Delayed response time adds stress to employees and decreases overall productivity. Now, i2Verify automates the process of quickly responding to wage and employment verification requests – at no cost to employers. We charge verifiers like mortgage companies and government agencies for the employment verification reports they need to make lending or benefit decisions. Using professional employment verification that we provide free for employers means:

Privacy & Security +

We believe employee data is one of an organization’s most valuable assets. At i2Verify, not only do we keep your data secure by utilizing high-grade TLS encryption in transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest, we employ multiple firewalls within our application as well as powerful IDS and IPS systems.

All in a data center that is SAS70 II certified. But that’s only half the story, unlike other verification vendors, i2Verify does not resell your sensitive employee data to debt collectors or skip tracking companies.

Increase Efficacy +

Allow their HR personnel to operate more efficiently and effectively.

They no longer have to work so hard to consistently verify employment and can devote their time to focusing on core personnel functions.

Customized Reporting +

Generate your own reports, block access your data, and choose to be notified when someone views your data.

Most verification providers only offer a template verification response based on a standard data set which leaves many verification requests unanswered. At i2Verify, we take the time to understand the types of verification requests our clients are receiving. We then craft our verification response to meet the needs of each individual verifier.

Simplicity +

A solution designed to provide instant access to employment and wage data.

i2Verify automates the processing of wage and employment verification requests by instantly and securely delivering employment information that requestors like banks or government agencies rely on to make credit granting or benefit entitlement decisions.

1 Save Time

Reduce the burden on already over-taxed HR personnel so they can continue to focus on core competencies.

2 Transparency

The process is transparent so employees can check on the status of verification requests at any time.

3 Types of Requests

Covers a variety of requests such as Verification of Employment, Verification of Income, and Government Employment Verification.

4 Compliance

Ensures compliance with all established government protocols without increasing costs to the employer.

Outsourcing Employment Verification

Outsourcing employment verification is a critical decision for any HR or Payroll department. If your organization has greater than 1,000 employees, responding to incoming requests for wage and employment verification information is likely a time consuming and burdensome activity, with little to no value add for your organization or the employee.

In fact, most large employers already outsource this function. Here’s why:

Employment verification becomes an employee benefit

When you work with a verification provider, employees are able to control access to their sensitive wage and employment data via a portal. Through this portal, employees can actively manage the verification process, view the reports that are accessed on their behalf, control their security settings, and create specific employment reports to suit any number of unique life events that require employment verification.

Reduce the back and forth with old-school vendors

Outsourcing employment verification liberates you from the administrative burden of this tedious task. In most in-house programs, employment verification is an administrative burden that is shared between departments and staff. There is typically a significant turnaround time, limited hours of availability, and an inconsistency in what information is returned to verifiers. This coupled with competing priorities, leaves employees waiting for a response, as well as, unaware of what information has been provided on their behalf.

Companies should be able to respond promptly to work verification requests without the need to overburden HR or add costs to the corporate bottom line. That’s why services from our verification company are provided free for employers. Contact us today at 888-458-6319 or to learn why so many top-performing companies choose i2Verify as their employment verification service.

Experience the i2Verify® Difference

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