Take control of your information with secure and easy access to your wage and employment data

A verification solution built around the employee experience. Finally, a solution that allows employees to see what information is being provided on their behalf. With i2Verify®, not only do employees have complete visibility into the verification process, they can block access to their data, add security features, and receive notifications when someone views their data – all at no cost to the employer.

Privacy & Security +

We believe employee data is one of an organization’s most valuable assets. At i2Verify, not only do we keep your data secure by utilizing high-grade TLS encryption in transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest, we employ multiple firewalls within our application as well as powerful IDS and IPS systems.

All in a data center that is SAS70 II certified. But that’s only half the story, unlike other verification vendors, i2Verify does not resell your sensitive employee data to debt collectors or skip tracking companies.

Increase Efficacy +

Allow their HR personnel to operate more efficiently and effectively.

They no longer have to work so hard to consistently verify employment and can devote their time to focusing on core personnel functions.

Customized Reporting +

Generate your own reports, block access your data, and choose to be notified when someone views your data.

Most verification providers only offer a template verification response based on a standard data set which leaves many verification requests unanswered. At i2Verify, we take the time to understand the types of verification requests our clients are receiving. We then craft our verification response to meet the needs of each individual verifier.

Simplicity +

A solution designed to provide instant access to employment and wage data.

i2Verify automates the processing of wage and employment verification requests by instantly and securely delivering employment information that requestors like banks or government agencies rely on to make credit granting or benefit entitlement decisions.

Employees are able to control access to their sensitive wage and employment data via a portal. Through this portal, employees can actively manage the verification process, view the reports that are accessed on their behalf, control their security settings, and create specific employment reports to suit any number of unique life events that require employment verification.

Companies who value employee privacy, appreciate i2Verify’s customized employee portal. By offering employees secure access to requested wage and employment data, they will feel respected and show higher levels of motivation and loyalty. The customized employee portal at i2Verify allows employees to:

  1. Receive the benefits of fast and accurate employment verification.
  2. Find out what data has been requested and who is receiving their information.
  3. Exercise control by blocking access to their data, adding security features, and receiving notifications of employment verification – all at no cost to the employer.
  4. Know when authorized verifiers such as banks or government agencies have requested their employment data.
  5. Feel less stress and anxiety because they have access to the portal at all times.
  6. Follow-up on the status of any requests for Verification of Income, Verification of Employment, or Government Reports.
  7. Concentrate more fully on performing their job functions because they don’t have to worry about employment verification.

At i2Verify our verification solution is built around the employee experience, and that all starts with a customized employee portal. Contact us today at 888-458-6319 to learn why so many top-performing companies choose i2Verify as their employment verification service.

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