Switching Employment Verification Providers

If your current employment and wage verification provider is not performing up to your standards, you can easily switch to a new provider by keeping these three tips in mind.

1) Your Data Belongs to You

Somewhat obvious; yet, many employers forget to review their contract which may stipulate that employment and wage verifications may be processed on your employee’s data records even if you’re not an active client. If your contract has this language, make sure to formally request that all data records are removed from the vendor’s database.

2) Your Existing Payroll File Will Work

Creating a payroll file that contains all of the data points for your employees is a time-consuming process. The good news, though, is that the verification industry utilizes a standard set of data points, so your existing payroll file can be re-used.

3) Communication is Key to Success

Working with your new vendor is a must! Without a communication plan, the transition can be confusing to both your employees and the verifiers calling for employment and wage verifications. Make sure to work with your new vendor on developing a solid communication plan.

i2Verify has decades of experience in employment verification. We would be happy to help you if your current vendor is not performing to your standards.