How Employment Verification Can Help You Become Robot-Proof

The Chicago Tribune recently reported that automation via Bots is quickly progressing. A study cited in the article notes that about 7 out of every 10 minutes U.S. employees spend processing data can be automated using current technology. This coupled with another projection that nearly 40% of U.S. jobs will be automated by the early 2030’s leads to the realization that it serves all of us to prepare for a future of automated processes.

Just like manually kept ledger books are considered archaic, so are some processes found in HR. Here are a couple of quick tips to make yourself robot-proof.

1) Embrace Technology Advances

Remember recruiting before the Internet? Long gone are the days of manually thumbing through resumes until the perfect one is found. The same holds true for many formerly manual HR processes such as employment verification. Just as computers were not the enemy, neither are the robots. The first step to make yourself robot-proof is to realize that robots and automation, in general, are here to stay and not fight what is an inevitable outcome.

2) Document HR Work Tasks that can be Automated and Master the Rest

HR tasks that cannot easily be automated revolve around employee relations. It’s easy to forget that the H in HR stands for human, but this is something that will gain an increasing amount of notice in the future. One area that cannot easily be automated, and many would argue should not be automated, is the interaction between employees and their employer advocates in HR. Focusing time now on complex areas that will resist automation will pay off greatly in the future. Some examples include creating conflict resolution processes, tailored employee programs, and supporting organizational strategic initiatives.

Just as manual recruiting and bookkeeping gave way to automated systems capable of servicing all enterprises efficiently and cheaply, the same will happen with other work tasks. The simple rule to follow here is that if you can envision a process being automated, it will become so. Seek out tasks in HR that can be automated and embrace the goal of automating those tasks. To get you started, some HR processes that can be fully automated include unemployment claims management, employment verification, and employee performance management.

With decades of experience in employment verification, i2Verify offers employers a free employment verification service to save you and your employees time that can be spent on becoming robot-proof.