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Want to Truly Help First Responders? Here Is One Way:
First Responders are always here for us. Helping with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program is one way we can be there for them. Since COVID a large number of employees are experiencing personal financial stress. Outsourcing your employment verification requests to i2Verify enables HR and Payroll departments to help current and former employees achieve their financial goals, including loan forgiveness, quickly and securely.
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Outsource Employment Verification Now - A MUST!
If your organization has greater than 1,000 employees, responding to incoming requests for wage and employment verification information is likely a time consuming and burdensome activity, with little to no value add for your organization or the employee.
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i2Verify Guide to Public Service Loan Forgiveness
In this guide, we explain the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program and suggest ways employers and employees can best utilize it. We also discuss how i2Verify offers an automated PSLF form generation solution for employers and employees as part of their free employment verification platform. Our goal is to simplify processes so Human Resource and Payroll departments can concentrate solely on what matters most, your employees.
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What the Equifax Data Breach Means for Employers
In the wake of the recently announced Equifax data breach that exposed the personal information of 143 million U.S. consumers, it pays for HR teams to review how you are protecting your employee data.
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Leaders Must Follow
Follow the leader. Remember the rules? Everyone follows the leader’s actions, or they’re out. Who’s more important – the follower or the leader? Perhaps they are equally important?
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Employee Retention
How to Win at Employee Retention: Learn from a Nobel Prize Winner
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Time: The One Employment Verification Benefit Employers Forget
We believe that having additional time would benefit us in productivity, teamwork, and satisfaction from goal attainment. Using employment verification as an example, the time savings gained through outsourcing should enable companies to support critical HR and Payroll initiatives which would have otherwise been ignored.
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How Employment Verification Can Help You Become Robot-Proof
Just like manually kept ledger books are considered archaic, so are some processes found in HR. Here are a couple of quick tips to make yourself robot-proof.
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Employment Verification and Data Security
How is your outsourced vendor managing your payroll data? For those of you not outsourcing employment verification, how are you managing your payroll data?

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