About i2Verify®

i2Verify® is an income and employment verification solution designed to provide instant access to employment and wage data.

There is more to employment verification automation than simply removing an employer's administrative burden.

Founded in 2011, i2Verify has grown to become the industry’s largest standalone employment verification provider. We are a company dedicated to bringing the employee experience to the forefront of modern HR and Payroll products by delivering tools that serve not only our clients, but their most important asset, their employees.

In this age of big data with companies focused on ways to monetize employee data, we have not lost sight of the fact that every employment verification begins with an important employee life event. From a new home purchase, change of jobs, or a much-needed social service entitlement, it is critical to employees that these verifications are responded to accurately, timely, and most importantly with 100% oversight and control of the employee.

Kevin Murphy, CEO i2Verify


We’ve built i2Verify® to take care of our client’s most important asset, their employees.


Like most of you, we had life events that required employment verification. Working in the employment verification industry, we realized that most employers now share their sensitive employee data with third-party verification companies. These verification companies had been tasked with responding to verification requests on our behalf. Your data and ours was now available on-line and being shared with verifiers and government agencies. While this process worked great for verifiers and employers, finding out what data was being provided on our behalf and to whom was near impossible.

So, in 2011, we launched i2Verify, a verification solution built around the employee experience. Finally, a solution that allows employees to see what information is being provided on their behalf. With i2Verify, not only do employees have complete visibility into the verification process, they can block access to their data, add security features, and receive notifications when someone views their data – all at no cost to the employer.

Verification simplified.