Our Partners

We realize there's more to a modern human resources team than a verification platform. To help us help you, i2Verify has built collaborative partnerships with a group of select industry providers.

Since 1977, Employers Unity has delivered proactive management, precise information, and targeted plans of action to maximize corporate performance and minimize insurance and tax burdens. Their coordinated, result-driven approach and customized service net positive outcomes within months. By outsourcing time-intensive tasks, their clients can ease in-house workloads and focus on more important aspects of their business. As a privately held company, Employers Unity operates under the watchful eye of a single leadership team with a shared vision. With a nationwide presence, Employers Unity can reduce your costs in every state you have operations.

Since 1996, Tax Credit Co. has delivered industry-leading solutions that help companies realize more benefits from federal, state and local tax incentive programs. Clients nationwide range from small business to Fortune 100 covering all industries. Their staff of over 90 is unified in the mission to unlock material value while decreasing the burden on the client’s internal tax, finance, IT, HR and operations departments. Tax Credit Co.'s expertise, talent, processes and proprietary technology combine to deliver the most sophisticated and comprehensive offering in the industry.

General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) has been providing employment background screening services since 1966 and serves thousands of customers nationwide, from small business to Fortune 100 companies, by providing comprehensive background screening, onboarding and industry specific hiring services. Between its headquarters in Chapin, S.C. and the Western Operations Center in Dallas, Texas, GIS currently employs over 700 people. GIS is an i2Verify background screening integrated partner and is one of a small handful of employment background screening firms to be accredited by the NAPBS’ Background Screening Credentialing Council.

Total Management Solutions is a trusted advisor to Fortune 1000 and mid-sized companies, helping them change, manage and administrate their corporate severance plans. Through the use of a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (“SUB-Pay”) Plan they help companies reduce the high cost, stress and burden associated with implementing employee severance plans resulting from a merger, acquisition, business realignment or economic downturn. With a SUB-Pay Plan, TMS’s clients typically save 45% or more of traditional severance costs, while providing more separation benefits to their separated employees. In addition, TMS manages the day-to-day aspects of their client’s SUB-Pay Plan administration, while their personal service provides separated employees with full support services from their in-house Client Services Support Center.