Employment Verification Insights

How to Win at Employee Retention: Learn from a Nobel Prize Winner

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Employment Verification and Data Security: What You Need to Know

Outsourcing employment and income verification is a valuable tool for HR/Payroll departments. Here's how to make sure that your data remains secure and you're compliant with GDPR as well as Federal and state-based security laws. Read more →

How Employment Verification Can Be a Life Saver for Your Employees

Employment Verification can be a life saving benefit for your employees Read more →

Looking For a New Health Plan Provider or Employment Verification Vendor? Why Effective Decision Making Matters

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1 Unique Way Employment Verification Can Help Retain Employees

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Outsource Employment Verification Now - A MUST!

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How Employment Verification Can Help You Become Robot-Proof

How employment verification can help you prepare for the future and become robot-proof Read more →

Stressed Home Buying Employees Stressin' You Out? How Employment Verification Can Help

If you have stressed out home-buying employees, here are a few tips, including employment verification, that you may find helpful. Read more →

Time: The One Employment Verification Benefit Employers Forget

Time is the one employment verification benefit that employers forget. Read on for more details. Read more →

3 Tips to Free Yourself From a Bad Employment Verification Relationship

If you're locked into a bad relationship with your employment verification provider, i2Verify has 3 tips to help you find freedom. Read more →

What the Equifax Data Breach Means for Employers

In the wake of the recently announced Equifax data breach that exposed the personal information of 143 million U.S. consumers, it pays for HR teams to review how you are protecting your employee data. Read more →

Payroll is the belly of the corporate world - sorry Operations

Payroll is an integral part of corporate world and it's time to get the word out. Read more →

Employment Verification - The Most Often Overlooked Employee Benefit

As an employer, you work hard to build and maintain a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with your employees. You know that happy employees are one of your most important assets and do the best you can to provide the kind of work environment and benefits that attract and retain the best people. Read more →