Employment verification secure and simple.

Instantly respond to employment verification requests and provide employees with secure access to their wage and employment data.
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Spend time on human resources not process administration.

i2Verify automates the processing of wage and employment verification requests by instantly and securely delivering employment information that requestors like banks or government agencies rely on to make credit granting or benefit entitlement decisions.

How i2Verify Helps

For Employers
Saving Time and Money
Increase productivity - spend time on human resources, not process administration
For Employees
Your Data is Protected
Take control with secure and easy access to your wage and employment data
For Verifiers
Rapid Processing
Eliminate the back and forth with old-school vendors with instant access

Customer Experiences

Loved by leading companies

"Outsourcing employment and wage verification with i2Verify has freed up resources so we can focus on other critical needs to support our constituents"


Medical University of South Carolina


The New Standard for Employment Verification

Integrated with Top Data Platforms


Flexible approach focused on employees

Bringing the employee experience to the forefront of the employment verification process by delivering tools that serve not only our clients, but their most important asset, their employees.

You Can Keep Your Data
We Access It When Requested
Employees Have the Control
Easy Reporting
Make Everyone Happy

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